Fountain Beauty


Fountain Beauty

We know you’re a go-getter with a packed schedule and zero time to waste!

Fountain Beauty lash strips and units are perfect for quick styles on the go, in just a few steps. 

Time is just as precious as your looks, so get sexy, trendy, easy-to-style options and embrace your beauty.

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Why Lashes?

Why Fountain Beauty

【UNIQUELY DESIGNED】A unique style to give you super dramatic and fluffy attractive eyes.

【100% HANDMADE LASHES】Soft and lightweight with a cotton flexible band for everyday wear.

【EASY TO USE AND REMOVE】Flexible lash bands are durable and sturdy, so they are easy to apply and remove.

Completely beautiful and easy to shape for any pair of eyes.

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Summer Lash

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $5.99.

Sensation Lash

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $5.99.

Dream Girl Lash

Original price was: $10.99.Current price is: $6.99.